Fire Alarm System has provided by Mircom. Mircom has many kid of product. Starting from sensor device and Control Panel. From Conventional type, Addressable and Network Fire Alarm System.

Conventional System

There 3 main process for fire alarm system : INPUT, PROCESSING and OUTPUT. Input is every device that give and collecting information from the protected area.

Semi Addressable (Hybrid) System

Combination of Conventional and Addressable system. Initiating devices use conventional and Addressable control panel. For communication bridge from both system using Zone Module.

Addressable System

Each device on this system have individual address, starting from 001 to 099 for CLIP devices and 001 to 159 for AP device (depend on Control Panel type)

Network Fire Alarm System

This system for larger protected coverage area, such as hospital, condominium, university, airport/seaport etc. Mircom provide up to 63 nodes.

Releasing System and Suppression Control Unit

Special hazard suppression systems for use with deluge sprinkler, pre-action sprinkler and agent releasing systems.

Marine Application Fire Alarm System

Addressable gas, flame, smoke and thermal sensors are continuously monitored for alarm signals, malfunctions, open and/or short circuit conditions through a reliable and proven digital communication link.
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